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On the 5th of April, the O2 also known as the North Greenwich Arena in London will host the first Bitcoin Fight Night in history. The goal is to bring the Bitco...
London to Host First Bitcoin Fight Night
Agatha Bookchin
On 24th March Gyft has officially announced that their gift cards are now accepted in shopping venues of the Walmart Company, including the discounter Sam’s Clu...
Gyft and Walmart Proclaim Cooperation for More Possibility to Spend Bitcoin
Agatha Bookchin
Bitcoin promoters and enthusiasts often mention among the basic virtues of the currency libertarian principles, mercy, giving a hand to those in need and suppor...
Bitcoin for Compassion and Lais Souza
Agatha Bookchin
Cointelegraph has already reported on the occasion of Bitcoin receiving its personal and particular smell in form of BitCologne. Today, we are glad to present t...
Bitcoin Reopens the Soul of a Poet
Agatha Bookchin
Exactly in 72 days the Central European Bitcoin Expo of 2014 is going to be launched. The planned event will be open for visitors for two days – the 31st of May...
Central European Bitcoin Expo 2014 to Hit Vienna in May
Agatha Bookchin
Leafing through offline or scrolling down online magazines, skimming the regular articles on Bitcoin-related news, one might often notice the authors mentioning...
The Relevancy of Bitcoin for Grass Roots
Agatha Bookchin
After rough criticism and declarations of war from the Two-Bit Idiot, P.J. Delaney without hiding the identity tried to compartmentalize the responsibilities, f...
P.J. Delaney Cautious Criticism of Renewed Bitcoin Foundation
Agatha Bookchin
If we reject to use the term “speculation” in the case of Mt.Gox, then the details scraped up by hackers and hobby detectives definitely can be called so. The o...
Updated: New Details of Mt.Gox Case Revealed by Amateur Detectives
Agatha Bookchin

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