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As of August 2016 we are exclusively powered by Cointelegraph. They are an independent news site that specializes in Bitcoin and digital currencies. We share CT’s long-term ambition to grow along with Bitcoin and become a front runner in the cryptocurrency news/audio space.

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As an attorney, a teacher, and a smart contract enthusiast-Cynthia Gayton is the perfect guest to join Corey Petty and talk about bitcoin and blockchain technol...
Podcast: Cynthia Gayton - Affording the High Risk
The Bitcoin Podcast
Technology’s greatest potential is to increase the ability and ease with which connections are forged and understanding between people is built.
Podcast: Jeremy Epstein - AsicBoost Catch 22
The Bitcoin Podcast
Blockchain startup Ubitquity has announced it will overhaul the land registrar offices of two Brazilian municipalities by embedding land ownership information i...
Podcast: Nathan Wosnack & Marina Reznik - Ubitquity Part III
The Bitcoin Podcast
This week we sit down with former Wall St. trader and now Bitcoin expert, Tone Vays.
Podcast: Tone Vays - Liberty Life Trails
The Bitcoin Podcast
Well this episode, it’s blockchain meets cannabis as The TOKES Platform provides a digital currency solution dedicated to the Cannabis Industry via a token call...
Podcast: Nate Dogg - The Token Protocol
The Bitcoin Podcast
We’re talking trading in a crypto paradise, with IBB Capital’s best trader, Wen Hou.
Podcast: Wen Hou - Shorting the Bull Rally II
The Bitcoin Podcast
"It came to me when I was sitting in the shower, and I couldn’t stop laughing about it. The juxtaposition of an educational website with an egregious grammatica...
Podcast: Greg Walker - Bitcoin or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Crypto
The Bitcoin Podcast
We’re changing our name to “The Ethereum Podcast”, not really, but now that I have your attention… This interview is all about Ethereum.
Podcast: Mel Gelderman - Venturing Into the Web3
The Bitcoin Podcast

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