Crypto Regulation Outlook in 2019 — What Is the Global Scenario?

As the global investor community starts to become increasingly aware of what crypto has to offer, it appears as though this burgeoning asset class is becoming more and more accepted. This is probably best highlighted by the fact that after experiencing bearish conditions all through 2018 (with Bitcoin even stooping at one point to around the $3K mark), the digital currency market as a whole was able to swiftly regain its former momentum and make an impressive comeback.

Since 2016, a number of countries have either banned digital currencies altogether (such as China, Pakistan and Egypt) or have placed various legal impositions on the asset class (thereby making it quite difficult for people to facilitate their daily monetary transactions using these currencies).

Other states around the world have an open mind toward crypto and are currently looking to amend the way in which they regulate Bitcoin and its contemporaries in order to nurture the industry while minimizing issues related to tax evasion and money laundering.

Furthermore, members of the